The view from above

I’m 6’4. It’s not a big deal unless you’re the tallest guy on the court (and the most uncoordinated) and you get picked early for some playground ball, but that’s (hopefully) not too likely to happen.

What is life like for tall folks? Well…we’re damn awesome at helping old ladies grab items from higher shelves at a supermarket, but that’s about as far as some would venture a guess. But there’s so much more to being a tall guy than just being a gentleman.

Baseball: Outfield. First base. Pitcher. Great spots to play, mainly due to the excessive (i.e., awesome) reach we typically have, coupled with the extra torque we can generate from a longer release (more mph on the gun) and you have yourself (and your team) a much better defender and typically harder thrower.
Wait, you like offense? Hell, just watch this: — he’s only 6’2, but anything on the inside of the plate, well…that’s where we have our wheelhouse. Did I mention he has a Gold Glove?
Basketball? Just hop on Google and figure it out.
Football? The average WR height is 5’11 — and the average CB is 5″10 (from But don’t sweat it if you’re not booking a 4.5 40 — the average QB height per the site is 6’2, so we’ve got that covered, too.

Granted, being tall is nice and all, but finding clothes that fit is a slight burden. Big and tall is big AND tall — if you’re a skinny tall guy, you’d be better off wearing your father’s hand-me-downs.
A seat on a bus, train or plain is usually a tight fit, although sometimes we get aisle seats, which is about as close to heaven as we can get during a long trip.

Anything else I missed? Add some comments below and we’ll pick this conversation up later on down the road.


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Spring Training, Twitter, end of Winter and Other Assorted Thoughts

Another quick post:
I’ve been halfway attempting to use twitter as a logical progression of this blog, but it hasn’t quite worked out like that; turns out there’s not a whole lot you can do with 140 characters when you’re at work, but I know there’s a whole lot of personally untapped writing that’ll spill out at some point – I just need to do it.

Before I run to work, I’d like to wish all of us long-waiting baseball fans a happy first day of Spring Training. This means that within the span of a month-and-a-half or so the weather will change (in the Northeast, at least) from 20- and 30-degrees to something in the 50s and 60s, which is fantastic for anyone who has to walk about fifteen minutes just to get from their parking spot to the front door at work.
Braves vs. Tigers @ 1:05 this afternoon. I’ll be catching highlights on SportsCenter.

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Just three words.

Yes we did!

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First post of 2009

Just chopping up some stuff quickly. 2008 brought me a freelance gig for a local weekly newspaper, the Abington Journal; search my last name and you’ll read my stuff.

I also realized how badly I need to continue plugging for magazine articles; I’ve written one thus far and although it’s almost a year to the day since it’s been published, it still has my interest piqued. Consider me enthralled to read my name in print…or something much less egotistical, you make the call.

That’s all I have. Nothing to see here citizen, move along…God, I dread the day whenever I’ll hear that term being used in a serious context.

Happy New(ish) Year!

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VOTE. Just do it.


Seriously. Just do it like a Nike ad.

If you don’t like either of the major-party candidates, there’s always Nader, Paul, or other small-ticket people. Hell, just vote for Fred Flintstone if you need to – just go out and vote!

Possible stats coming during the election coverage tonight, hopefully culminating in a President Obama.

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Ashley Todd, be ashamed.

Ashley Todd, this is your fifteen minutes of “fame.” “Enjoy” it.

For those coming here for more information, Todd, with a black eye and a “B” carved into her cheek, claimed she was attacked by a 6 foot 4 black man at an ATM in Pittsburgh, Pa. Not a day after the story broke, police realized inconsistencies in her story and administered a polygraph test, the results of which have not been released yet, but to us nerds, we can assume an ‘epic fail.’

Todd, a Republican, was a member of the College Republicans.  The CR released a statement (link to the Huffington Post) here, stating “‘When Ms. Todd initially contacted us claiming to have been attacked, our first reaction was obviously to be concerned for her safety,’ said College Republicans communications director Ashley Barbera. ‘We are as upset as anyone to learn of her deceit. Ashley must take full responsibility for her actions.'”

According to the same source, both John McCain and Sarah Palin called Todd to make sure she was alright. The Obama campaign even released a statement condemning the attack.

Additionally, Todd told police that her attacker, after “putting a knife to [her] throat” proceeded to leave…until he “noticed the bumper sticker on [her] car” and then came back and said “you’re with the McCain campaign? I’m going to teach you a lesson,” which led to her black eye and “B” carved into her cheek.

Was this some sort of attempt at inciting even more racial tension before the election? Leave your two cents below; I could use the spare change.

P.S – Look for her on Olberman’s “worst person in the world” tonight – something tells me she’ll be it.


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Live Feed: Final Presidential Debate


Wow – McCain used that Joe the Plumber ‘name’ AGAIN.

Gets old fast…


Finished for the night; possibly a recap at some point tonight. Watching the rest from my friendly armchair. Comment if you wish; feel free to add lines that you thought were good.


“They know that she [Palin] is a role-model for Americans” – wait, what?


“She’s a reformer through and through. It’s about time we had a breath of fresh air…she understands reform. By the way, she also understands special needs families…I’m proud of her…I can’t tell you how proud of her I am.”


Obama laughed (audibly) at McCain’s “my campaign is not about raising taxes,” etc.

Wow – a question about why a VP would be a better president than the other guy’s VP. Obama first. Touched on foreign policy; Biden from Scranton (another shout-out…nice). McCain’s coming next.


Obama: “(Aires [spelling?] is not part of my campaign…)

“ACORN…has nothing to do with us. The only I had to do with them was…helping them [establish some kind of ‘motor-voter-registration push].”


McCain brought up ACORN and “Mr. Harris.” Let’s see what boils over.


McCain has referenced “Joe the Plumber” almost an uncountable amount times.

Obama just did very well, I think, with the whole “terrorist / kill him / pal around with terrorists” thing at Republican rallies.

McCain: “Let me say that I am very pound of the people who come to my rallies.”



McCain: “I watched the Arizona Cardnials defeat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday-”

Obama: “- congratulations.”

I’m still laughing.


Obama: “And 100% of your ads, John, 100%, have been negative-”

McCain: ‘-that’s not true.’

Obama: “100%.”


What a question. If you missed it, think of this: “Will you say everything your campaign and your running mates have been saying to your opponent’s face?” Wow. This will be good.


“Even Fox News disputes it, which doesn’t really happen with me” – Obama


“If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago.” – McCain had a zinger!


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