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Oil is down, so what about gas?

According to this article (via Reuters), “crude oil prices may fall below $100 a barrel in the coming months…”

As I posted before, I really don’t see the huge issue with high gas prices. Worst case-scenario, we’re forced into an alternative, only one which does not come from pockets in the earth (e.g. turbine [think water wheel], solar, wind), which is hardly a horrible solution.

Besides, oil is NOT a renewable resource, and the ‘big oil companies’ know this – if you take a step back and take a good look at it, you’ll realize it’s just business. If their bread-and-butter is to run out at some point in time, no matter how many years down the road it is, they have every right, and should, proceed to make as much money off of their product as they can – supply and demand. Don’t complain because it “hurts you,” learn to budget properly, stop eating out so often, cut back on your $150-per-month cable subscriptions and become more fiscally responsible. That’s coming from one American to another (or, if you’re from another country, let me know what you think about our president – we can trade jokes).

I’m not saying it’s a good thing that gas prices are going up – after all, I commute to work, albeit not very far (~15 minutes), but thankfully, careful budgeting has got me where it doesn’t hurt to fill my tank up when my car is thirsty. I don’t have a Prius or a car that takes it easy on gas; if I’m lucky, my ’97 Oldsmobile (it’s a 6-cylinder, too) gets ~370 miles on a full tank. If I fill up from a station that uses up to 10% ethanol, I drop to about 300 miles, give or take if I’m doing more city / highway driving. And no, I’m not a hypermiler; they’re the new douchebags, according to fark.

So much for that ‘alternative fuel’ idea. Now I’m paying 2 bucks for a dozen eggs while getting LESS gas mileage for the same price. Good call on that one, G’dubba.

Of course, the ‘real’ reason oil is so high is due to the weakness of the US dollar. That also explains why the cost of oil AND gold have shot up to all-time highs. Well, to be honest, if ~33% (about a third for the mathematically uninclined) of your country could be taken due to forfeits of loans to a foreign country (read: China) at any given point in time (read: when they deem it necessary), well, I wouldn’t financially invest in our country, either.

It’s a scary thought, but I might turn it into a realistic fiction plot – imagine China actually tries to collect the money that we, as a nation, owe them. What if EVERY country at once tries to collect their total debts?

According to the U.S. National Debt Clock, as of this posting (~10:50pm EST), $ 9,539,596,376,815.26 is the total amount we’re in debt for. That’s just over 9.5 TRILLION dollars. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs can’t bail us out of this one.

That’s a lot of money. We’ve got a lot of guns and bombs. China’s got a lot of guns and bombs. Other countries have a lot of guns and bombs. This is a horrible predicament we’re in, as a whole. Not for the people who have foreclosed homes, not the people who paid for their multi-dollar highrises with cash, no, no – for ALL of us, as a whole. Just think of what could happen. At the moment, we’re all on good terms, but in this kind of unstability across the board, you never know.

That’s all I have.


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Crazy guy + O’Reilly book = Church Shooting?

Article here

Sorry about the really short, quick, generalized post, but I have to be at work very soon, but read on:

According to the above, the shooter in the Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Church had the following books: “Liberalism is a Mental Health Disorder” by radio talk show host Michael Savage, “Let Freedom Ring” by talk show host Sean Hannity, and “The O’Reilly Factor,” by television talk show host Bill O’Reilly.”

Now, I’m not about to say that books or any other medium will make someone go out and do something this horrible, but I’m posting this to let people know that Bill O’Reilly is a huge propronent of telling people that playing video games makes kids go kill people; reading books make people act the way the book’s written, etc – so I’m wondering when (if ever) this topic will be approached as an issue on his show. I’ll kill some brain cells and put on FAUX News after work tonight and talk about it when it’s over.


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Mike Hampton injury pool

I hate to say this, but it’s bound to happen…The Mike Hampton injury pool is back!

I think he’ll last less than 40 pitches, which sucks for me, having him start on my fantasy team. And, being a Braves fan, I really hope he decimates the Phillies’ lineup, but to be completely honest, it’s been so long since he’s pitched, I don’t even remember what the man throws.

Maybe that’ll help him.

Ideas? Bets? Let me know; leave something below.

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corporate yuppification

Another old piece of mine. Written, ironically enough, at a coffee shop.


keep complaining you hate big business
you miss mom and pop stores
and you loathe corporate suits with their
designer labels
with their trophy wives nicer
than you’d get when your
“overbearing, hard working, blue-collar”
father had you playing Little League
keep telling the world and yourself
you’re against globalization
you’re against The Man
you’re not just anti-Republican
you’re anti-republic
but that’s all bullshit
you’ll never come clean
so keep walking around in your
Keds shoes with an
Abercrombie t-shirt with a pair of
Gap jeans
Keep drinking your daily dose of
Starfucks with your
iPod on your belt
get back in your Volkswagen you damned
closet Yuppie
if you want change
work for it
if you get a chance
take it
let’s be honest
you don’t care
you’re apathetic
powerless in your own skin
so you say
let’s not talk, we’ll
Just Do It.

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plurality with elimination

I originally wrote this during a really simple math class during my last semester of college. I recently re-found the .doc file, so I copied / pasted it here (with the mis-spellings that were in the .pdf corrected) so everyone can have a good laugh.

Keep in mind that this was written as it was happening; it’s kind of a look inside my mind as events unfold. Let me know what you think; if people like it, I’d love to do more of this kind of stuff. Enjoy.

She’s on a rampage of speaking way too softly for a room this size. At least she’s starting to write EVERYTHING on the board…too bad it’s exactly the same in the book.

Again with the obvious mistakes. She says 12 would be a majority with 21 votes; she’s correct, however, the minimum total (like she always wants) would be 11.

I guess teaching this class or working with the people in the Math department would be a royal mindfuck if I were in her shoes, but by the same token, every editor of the Courier [post-published note: the Courier is the name of my college newspaper, and I was on the editorial staff as well as writing for two years] has to deal with some stupidity at times, but we turn out alright at the end of the day.

At the very least we take some life experience out of the deal. Lesson? Cope, woman.


Well, in the end, it’s taken her just under 30 minutes to do 2 problems on the board (which just happen to be simple addition and subtraction, mind you), and I’m damn near the point of no return.

I’d be passed out in a heartbeat if my desk wasn’t sloped towards me; the last thing I need is for my head to hit my desk and knock over my coffee.

Then I’d be asleep in the only thing that keeps me awake.

That’s irony to the nth degree.

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According to John McCain, 1+1=1 (or possibly less)

John McCain either faired worse than I did in mathematical endeavors, or he really, really, really dislikes gay people.

According to the above linked article, McCain ‘said he didn’t believe in gay adoption, the Arizona senator seemed to suggest gay couples who adopt children only constitute a single parent and therefore shouldn’t be able to adopt.

I think that we’ve proven that both parents are important in the success of a family so, no, I don’t believe in gay adoption,” said McCain.

Here’s a direct pull from the article:

On Tuesday, as criticism of McCain’s comments spread, his campaign elaborated on the candidate’s views.

…Sen. McCain’s expressed his personal preference for children to be raised by a mother and a father wherever possible,” the statement added. “However, as an adoptive father himself, McCain believes children deserve loving and caring home environments, and he recognizes that there are many abandoned children who have yet to find homes. John McCain believes that in those situations that caring parental figures are better for the child than the alternative.”

…so let me get this straight – John McCain’s campaign said that although he believes “children deserve loving and caring home adoptions” and even recognized that there are many “abandoned children who have yet to find homes,” he believes that the children would be better off without any parents / parental figures than they would be with two people of the same sex.


Seems like I was a bit drowsy this morning as I read into the above statement as McCain would rather the children be left in foster care than be with a same-sex couple. That is not true – “John McCain believes that in those situations that caring parental figures are better for the child than the alternative.”

The man may be a “flip-flopper” (oh, I hate that term – it’s like no one has ever changed their mind before) and not the straightest shooter out there, but hey, at least he knows the kids would be better off WITH adults would could care for and nurture them.


Well, what about one heterosexual person of a single sex? Would you allow a single, straight woman to adopt? How about a single straight male? If the answer is no, you’re going to need one fantastic explanation, because I certainly cannot think of a justifiable reason for it, given the amount of “abandoned children who have yet to find homes.”

If the answer is yes, well then, John McCain, 1+1 is less than 1 for the first time in history.

Dear John McCain,

Are gay people really doing that poorly for themselves? It’s not like they can hold jobs, drive cars, or vote, even, so even bother allowing them the chance to raise a child? What happened to freedom in America? I’m guessing it doesn’t apply to people with a differing sexual orientation / certain beliefs that stray from the norm (read: what you want us to believe)?

Oh, that’s right – we’ve had that one before. From what I hear, it didn’t work out to well.

Yours truly…

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Random Rant: Fantasy Baseball and it’s Effects on a Male’s Tear Ducts

My team (a standard roto league hosted on Yahoo!)…well, read the topic.

For starters, I managed to miss my entire draft (I worked a double that night at my old job) and didn’t get a chance to edit my pre-draft rankings. The end result? No closers and 6 outfielders.

So I worked around it, making some fantastic pickups after the draft (Nate McLouth, stand up! Ryan Theriot, you’re cool, too). I wasn’t fantastic, however, also grabbing Tom Gordon and Boof Bosner early in the season…we all know how well they worked out (assuming you follow baseball / watch SportsCenter).

Anyway, the Cubs have been the surprise story of the year, having the best record in baseball and all that, so I was in good shape with Carlos Marmol – one of the best middle relievers in the game, a fantastic amount of strikeouts, and Kerry Wood closing games at the moment – seems like a sure thing every time he enters a game…except for this week. He’s been horrid, to say the least. [UPDATE: Marmol just gave up 5 earned on 5 hits in one inning, no walks, no K’s. Thanks, buddy. Let me grab more tissues]

[UPDATE 2: Marmol is now only charged with 4 earned runs, 5 hits, and a walk. That’s not exactly fantastic for a guy’s WHIP.]

Oh, and I drafted Eric Byrnes in the 5th round and Curtis Granderson in the 3rd. That’s all I have to say about those two.

All that, and I’m still 2nd overall in my league. Here’s to a nice post-break push.

Have any fantasy sports-related horror stories? Ever watch a game and cringe when someone comes up to bat / from the bullpen? Comment below and we can “vent” just like those Miller Lite commercials, only over the ‘net, which means we can complain incessantly and watch as absolutely nothing happens as a result.

I can dig it.

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