We’re all right – we’re all calm!

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A brief back-story before I actually hit on today’s topic:

I was thinking of naming this blog something abstract / new age-y / “hip” / as the kids call it, “trendy,” but I ultimately decided to stick with something simple. I write about a myriad of things (and I hate when people would write that part of the last sentence “…I write about myriad things!” – It doesn’t sound right and for the love of the English language I hope that it’s just an overuse of the “synonyms” button in Word and nothing more…), so therefore saying something like “I live in PA and have zero love for the Phillies” sounds like it should be a sports-related blog (which it will be some days), “I drank 4 cups of coffee before 9:30 this morning!!!1!!” sounds like my persona is nicknamed Caffeine Man (worst super power EVER – how hard is it to tap your leg or twitch your head or tweak out all day? That’s so common they have pills for it), and “Football is fantastic to watch when you’re trashed!” makes it sound like I’m either a typical 18-25 year old guy (ok, I can rock with this) or a bombed-off-his-barstool 70-year-old English guy who loves ‘football-and-if-you-call-it-soccer-we’ll-have-a-fist-to-cuffs, mate’).

But I digress…

I really wanted to write about complacency today (which is why I chose a RATM line, I guess), but that’s not happening. I just can’t think of a way to approach the topic the way I’d like to. It happens. Welcome to the blog of one of the most over-active imaginations / minds in recent memory.


It’s not often I can sit and write about what I’d really like to, but it’s ok – most of the time something equally as good or even better will come to light.

I wrote short prose about LINK HERE TO MY PORTFOLIO/THEPDF FILE living pencils (see page WHATEVER PAGE ITS ON), FFS…

Aw, why not…

Random Idea Day.

// Why do people feel the need to brake uphill?

// Most things that are on sale aren’t really cheaper per pound / per item. For example, I was buying stuff for my apartment and I saw a woman grabbing up those 25-gallon garbage bags like she was Ms. Pac-Man. She had at least 40 sleeves (those small boxes) in her cart. When the shelf was bare and she was in another aisle, I walked over and checked them out. Per bag, the ‘sale’ price of the 20-piece sleeve of 25-gallon garbage bags was something like 22 cents (Don’t hold me to these prices, as they are almost certainly not accurate, but the difference is). Directly above it was a larger sleeve of 50. Same brand, same design on the box, same colors, even. 4 cents a bag cheaper. However, because there was a bright red-and-white “SALE” sign on the 20-piece sleeve, the lady bought whatever was left on the shelf.

// On another note, who the hell goes through that many garbage bags?

// An average person fills their gas tank once every two weeks. The average tank holds between 12-16 gallons of gas. Why are people in an uproar over “insanely high gas prices” (don’t forget this ‘uproar’ began when gas started moving upwards from THREE dollars a gallon) when they’re spending 12-16 dollars more every time they fill up, which, again, is about every two weeks?

At three dollars a gallon, the average person would spend 36-48 dollars every two weeks on gas.

Four dollars a gallon brings that number to 48-64 dollars every fill-up, which is, again, a whopping 12-16 dollars more each fill-up.

Now, what gets me the most is how these people who are attempting to do what’s referred to as a ‘gas tax holiday.’ Stupid, stupid, stupid. “Here, let’s make the DoT’s revenue disappear during their busiest time of the year so people can save about 30 cents a gallon (~3.60-4.80 a fill-up) for about two months.”

// What happened to fiscal responsibility on both a personal and national scale?

// Oh, Reuters. Since when is an LINK HERE (FROM FARK) Indian hoax newspaper story passed off as ‘real’ news? “You would think a press release about a German Nazi war criminal named Johann Bach being caught in the jungles of Goa after trying to sell a stolen 18th-century piano would be worth double-checking…”

…that’s all I have.


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