plurality with elimination

I originally wrote this during a really simple math class during my last semester of college. I recently re-found the .doc file, so I copied / pasted it here (with the mis-spellings that were in the .pdf corrected) so everyone can have a good laugh.

Keep in mind that this was written as it was happening; it’s kind of a look inside my mind as events unfold. Let me know what you think; if people like it, I’d love to do more of this kind of stuff. Enjoy.

She’s on a rampage of speaking way too softly for a room this size. At least she’s starting to write EVERYTHING on the board…too bad it’s exactly the same in the book.

Again with the obvious mistakes. She says 12 would be a majority with 21 votes; she’s correct, however, the minimum total (like she always wants) would be 11.

I guess teaching this class or working with the people in the Math department would be a royal mindfuck if I were in her shoes, but by the same token, every editor of the Courier [post-published note: the Courier is the name of my college newspaper, and I was on the editorial staff as well as writing for two years] has to deal with some stupidity at times, but we turn out alright at the end of the day.

At the very least we take some life experience out of the deal. Lesson? Cope, woman.


Well, in the end, it’s taken her just under 30 minutes to do 2 problems on the board (which just happen to be simple addition and subtraction, mind you), and I’m damn near the point of no return.

I’d be passed out in a heartbeat if my desk wasn’t sloped towards me; the last thing I need is for my head to hit my desk and knock over my coffee.

Then I’d be asleep in the only thing that keeps me awake.

That’s irony to the nth degree.


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