corporate yuppification

Another old piece of mine. Written, ironically enough, at a coffee shop.


keep complaining you hate big business
you miss mom and pop stores
and you loathe corporate suits with their
designer labels
with their trophy wives nicer
than you’d get when your
“overbearing, hard working, blue-collar”
father had you playing Little League
keep telling the world and yourself
you’re against globalization
you’re against The Man
you’re not just anti-Republican
you’re anti-republic
but that’s all bullshit
you’ll never come clean
so keep walking around in your
Keds shoes with an
Abercrombie t-shirt with a pair of
Gap jeans
Keep drinking your daily dose of
Starfucks with your
iPod on your belt
get back in your Volkswagen you damned
closet Yuppie
if you want change
work for it
if you get a chance
take it
let’s be honest
you don’t care
you’re apathetic
powerless in your own skin
so you say
let’s not talk, we’ll
Just Do It.


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