Another pointless McCain attack ad.

I hate to rush these things, but I have a decent-sized lineup ahead of me (it is the weekend, after all).

John McCain is at it again with another anti-Obama ad which references the Illinois senator as a ‘celebrity.’

I’ve written about McCain’s last “celebrity” ad here, but I guess those ad writers are at it again.

From CNN:

“John McCain’s campaign released another ad Friday that paints Barack Obama as an out-of-touch celebrity. Life in the spotlight must be grand, but for the rest of us times are tough,” says the announcer, as flashbulbs pop around Obama, crowds cheer, and magazine covers bearing his portrait flash on-screen…Not ready to lead. That’s the real Obama.”

I also ran into some really odd, almost creepy “conservative, family-values oriented” web sites that I’ve got a thing or two to speak about, but I’ll keep that for another post.

Have a great weekend, all!


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One response to “Another pointless McCain attack ad.

  1. Flobpf

    Obama is not going to get negative despite Mccain’s rambling. I just hope this stand doesnt cost him, and the world, his presidency. I also hope that his campaign managers help establish a strong network of surrogates who would do all the dirty talk for him. That should take some air off Mccain’s “Low-Road Express”

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