Planned Parenthood donations in Palin’s name – Irony to the Nth degree

Now [this] is irony (and a bit of comedy for a good cause, as well):

People making donations to Planned Parenthood in honor of Sarah Palin.

Now, Palin is a starch anti-abortionist who not only made rape victims PAY for their rape kits, but she is also against abortions in the case of incest or rape, going so far as to tell people that had her own daughter been raped, she should not support an abortion.

The quote of the article lies at the bottom; from a Jeff Sadosky a communications director for the  McCain camp: “This crass political stunt is yet another reminder that the Barack Obama campaign and its surrogates has given up on the ‘new politics of hope’ that they were so proud of a few short months ago.”

How Obama’s name even came into this I’ll never know, but hey, this is America; I guess overly-broad umbrella-like generalizations are ok, so long it’s not against you / your candidate / your cause / your beliefs. After all, screw everyone else, [you] are always right (I hate the saying, but no pun intended).


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One response to “Planned Parenthood donations in Palin’s name – Irony to the Nth degree

  1. virginiaharris

    Suffragettes are often quoted as being in opposition to abortion, but I don’t think most people today can fully appreciate the context of their opposition.

    Can you imagine not being able to vote? Thanks to the suffragettes, women now have voices and choices!

    Few of us know ALL that the suffragettes had to go through to win votes for women. But before they did, abortion was too often the only option for pregnant women.

    I believe that that is what suffragettes opposed – women having no choice to have their child.

    Discrimination in education and employment made it virtually impossible for a woman to provide for a child that was born out of wedlock, whether as a result of rape or consensual relations.

    My own great-grandmother was raped and impregnated, but fought to keep her child. Against terrible odds, she managed to do so.

    I have written a unique e-mail series that tells her story, and goes behind the scenes in the lives of eight of the world’s most famous women to reveal the shocking and sometimes heartbreaking truth of what life was REALLY like for women before we won the vote.

    Subscribe FREE and get a series of dramatic, sequential, short-story episodes delivered by e-mail for you to read on your coffeebreaks, or anytime.

    Discover how two beautiful and powerful suffragettes, two presidential mistresses, First Lady Edith Wilson, First Daughter Alice Roosevelt, author Edith Wharton and dancer Isadora Duncan set the stage for women to FINALLY win the vote in England and America.

    You will be amazed by their courage and commitment!

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