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Spring Training, Twitter, end of Winter and Other Assorted Thoughts

Another quick post:
I’ve been halfway attempting to use twitter as a logical progression of this blog, but it hasn’t quite worked out like that; turns out there’s not a whole lot you can do with 140 characters when you’re at work, but I know there’s a whole lot of personally untapped writing that’ll spill out at some point – I just need to do it.

Before I run to work, I’d like to wish all of us long-waiting baseball fans a happy first day of Spring Training. This means that within the span of a month-and-a-half or so the weather will change (in the Northeast, at least) from 20- and 30-degrees to something in the 50s and 60s, which is fantastic for anyone who has to walk about fifteen minutes just to get from their parking spot to the front door at work.
Braves vs. Tigers @ 1:05 this afternoon. I’ll be catching highlights on SportsCenter.


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Random Rant: Fantasy Baseball and it’s Effects on a Male’s Tear Ducts

My team (a standard roto league hosted on Yahoo!)…well, read the topic.

For starters, I managed to miss my entire draft (I worked a double that night at my old job) and didn’t get a chance to edit my pre-draft rankings. The end result? No closers and 6 outfielders.

So I worked around it, making some fantastic pickups after the draft (Nate McLouth, stand up! Ryan Theriot, you’re cool, too). I wasn’t fantastic, however, also grabbing Tom Gordon and Boof Bosner early in the season…we all know how well they worked out (assuming you follow baseball / watch SportsCenter).

Anyway, the Cubs have been the surprise story of the year, having the best record in baseball and all that, so I was in good shape with Carlos Marmol – one of the best middle relievers in the game, a fantastic amount of strikeouts, and Kerry Wood closing games at the moment – seems like a sure thing every time he enters a game…except for this week. He’s been horrid, to say the least. [UPDATE: Marmol just gave up 5 earned on 5 hits in one inning, no walks, no K’s. Thanks, buddy. Let me grab more tissues]

[UPDATE 2: Marmol is now only charged with 4 earned runs, 5 hits, and a walk. That’s not exactly fantastic for a guy’s WHIP.]

Oh, and I drafted Eric Byrnes in the 5th round and Curtis Granderson in the 3rd. That’s all I have to say about those two.

All that, and I’m still 2nd overall in my league. Here’s to a nice post-break push.

Have any fantasy sports-related horror stories? Ever watch a game and cringe when someone comes up to bat / from the bullpen? Comment below and we can “vent” just like those Miller Lite commercials, only over the ‘net, which means we can complain incessantly and watch as absolutely nothing happens as a result.

I can dig it.

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Oh, hyprocrisy

Ever hear the one about the venomously anti-gay Republican politician who turns out to be (gasp) gay?

No, not that one. Nope, not the Senator, either…and the Congressman? That’s old news. And it was a chick anyway, aside from that one guy, but he said he was breaking out his Irish step dancing – don’t judge ’em.

Nope, I’m talking about an Attorney General from Alabama.

Literally caught in his own bed with this guy by his own wife.

You stay classy, Troy King. Stay classy.

Linkage spotted by me from fark.com.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I have no problem with homosexuals, male or female – it’s their life; no one else should say they can’t do it unless it interferes with someone else’s life (eg don’t shoot me – i’ll die; don’t rob me – you’ll take my possessions), but this hypocrisy stuff, espicially in politics, needs to exit stage left.


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Coffee tastes different in Styrofoam.

Don’t plan it – just run with it. That’s the only thing that popped into my head when I decided (yet again) that I’d be writing a not-for-money blog (yeah, the boring kind, but at least there won’t be ads everywhere until I lose my job because I drink so much coffee it actually hurts the company’s bottom line / CEO’s bonus.

Don’t plan it – just run with it. This line…this line is any / every writer’s key to freedom. No longer are you ‘locked’ into a topic you told yourself you’d keep abreast of. Maybe, with your newfound freedom, you can finally talk about the eerie similarities between Alf and some UFC fighters while also pointing out the brilliance behind the Smurfs reference in Donnie Darko.

By the same token, it doesn’t mean you can just cram random stuff together with the hopes of being funny; that’ll never be the case. If you’ve got an itch to write about how angry you get when people brake uphill, then by all means, go for it. For instance, I’m reading what I’ve written and I’ve begun to wonder two things:

– Why do I always print, yet I’m writing this post out in a combination of really-hard-to-read cursive and some sort of archaic shorthand?

– What the hell happened to my handwriti-…

…and then, as usually happens, I’ll remember that the whole reason I started printing everything I’ve written for the better part of ten years is because my cursive is so difficult to decipher when I’m writing down a whole lot at once, which is the case when I’m brainstorming / taking notes / conducting an interview. On a side note, It’s a hidden blessing in a way, being that I’m currently at work, so when i leave my desk for a coffee and people try to read what I’m writing, they’re most likely thinking “wow, he must be busy; look at how quickly he was writing and how-…wait, what does that say? ‘Mein Kampf?’ ‘Dat playa?’ Is this young man contemplating a hip-hop opera revolving around the life of Hitler? SECURITY!”

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