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Live Feed: Final Presidential Debate


Wow – McCain used that Joe the Plumber ‘name’ AGAIN.

Gets old fast…


Finished for the night; possibly a recap at some point tonight. Watching the rest from my friendly armchair. Comment if you wish; feel free to add lines that you thought were good.


“They know that she [Palin] is a role-model for Americans” – wait, what?


“She’s a reformer through and through. It’s about time we had a breath of fresh air…she understands reform. By the way, she also understands special needs families…I’m proud of her…I can’t tell you how proud of her I am.”


Obama laughed (audibly) at McCain’s “my campaign is not about raising taxes,” etc.

Wow – a question about why a VP would be a better president than the other guy’s VP. Obama first. Touched on foreign policy; Biden from Scranton (another shout-out…nice). McCain’s coming next.


Obama: “(Aires [spelling?] is not part of my campaign…)

“ACORN…has nothing to do with us. The only I had to do with them was…helping them [establish some kind of ‘motor-voter-registration push].”


McCain brought up ACORN and “Mr. Harris.” Let’s see what boils over.


McCain has referenced “Joe the Plumber” almost an uncountable amount times.

Obama just did very well, I think, with the whole “terrorist / kill him / pal around with terrorists” thing at Republican rallies.

McCain: “Let me say that I am very pound of the people who come to my rallies.”



McCain: “I watched the Arizona Cardnials defeat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday-”

Obama: “- congratulations.”

I’m still laughing.


Obama: “And 100% of your ads, John, 100%, have been negative-”

McCain: ‘-that’s not true.’

Obama: “100%.”


What a question. If you missed it, think of this: “Will you say everything your campaign and your running mates have been saying to your opponent’s face?” Wow. This will be good.


“Even Fox News disputes it, which doesn’t really happen with me” – Obama


“If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago.” – McCain had a zinger!



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FOX News knocks down McCain campaign’s “Obama wants to teach sex ed to kindergartners” claim

This genuinely suprised me when I first saw it.

I mean, it still does, but it suprised me then, too.

FOX News’ Megyn Kelly had some very poingient questions for McCain’s spokesperson…The video, as well as the full transcript, is in the link below. It’s worth the click.

Link from the Huffington Post


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New McCain Ad literally = “HANG”

As we all know, Barack Obama has been running on a platform of “change” this election.

This story (from a Fox affiliate, suprisingly enough) sheds some light where McCain’s advertising ‘gurus’ left darkness – around the “C” and the “E.”

After you read the article I linked / watched the video (focus on the 16 second mark; it’s there for just over a second), continue reading after the jump:

Now, obviously, this was not something a look-over could not have fixed – “hey, look, there’s a black guy on stage and there’s people chanting his name and there’s a bunch of letters in the background that read ‘HANG.'” Nope, no idiot could have seen that one. Not even a blogger with an English degree. Or a Fox News affiliate. The McCain’s camp responded,  stating that they are “not even validating such an outrageous and preposterous claim with a comment.”

Stay classy, John McCain and the GOP. If that’s the best apology you and your camp can do for something this offensive, then what’s going to happen when you stay in Iraq, attack more countries with oil reserves (I guess we’ll call them WMD’s) and start WWIII with the remainder of the Middle Eastern countries we don’t already have troops in? They looked at us the wrong way? Smelled funny? Didn’t wear Nikes?

Oh, and for the rest of you idiots (no offense to the non-idiot readers) who call yourselves “PUMAs” and refuse to vote for Obama because you somehow think he won the Democratic primary because he ‘played the race card’ and is ‘sexist,’ please see this post and relate to the line that reads “Yes, he deserved to die, and I hope he burns in hell.” No, not seriously, of course…

…but go take some time out of your day and think about that black background that the McCain camp has been using to frame Obama in their latest series of ads. First they single out a black man (sorry, no link this time as I didn’t bookmark the story) dancing and cheering for Obama during a rally, then they make sure hot chicks dig Obama, and then they outline the background lettering to refer to lynching, then they make Obama out to be “The One,” but “is he ready to lead?”

Not only that, but “celebrities don’t have to worry about family budgets…” as seen in the above ad…seriously? Because the only way John McCain knows how many houses he owns, the Obama camp had to put out it’s own ad that pinpointed the number the 7. That’s 7 more than I own. Who’s the “we” that you’re referencing, Johnny “I was a POW” McCain?

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“Hot Chicks dig Obama” – another McCain attack ad

Another seemingly pointless attack ad from the McCain camp has hit the ‘net. More commentary after the jump.

In addition to simply beating the “not ready to lead, too good-looking, not white enough (notice all of the white girls who are complimenting Obama in this and other McCain videos?)” horse to the ground, McCain is now pushing the title of “The One” to reference Obama again.

Although I thought my critique on McCain’s celebrity ad was pretty funny, I’m finding it hard to even fathom some sort of response to this ad, humorous or not.

“He’s a rockstar (SIC)” – What? Seriously? The man can jam out? Maybe he’ll be at moe.down and I can watch him play a set or 6 with Chuck, Rob and Al. Wait a minute, he’s a POLITician, not a MUSician. He’s running for the highest office in the United States and the best that the GOP’s people can come up with is calling him a “rockstar?” They even misspelled the word. If you’re going to attempt to poke fun at someone, do it correctly, grandpa.

And one last thing. Most atheists I know and people who could care less about religion are volunteering and voting for Obama. The messiah message, I’ll assume, is to both poke fun at and also create this illusion that Obama is attempting to paint himself in some sort of ‘savior’ light by ‘delivering’ this country from its hardships. Yes, he wants to fix what is broken in this country. Since when is that / has that ever been a negative thing? Since when has that even been something that’s ‘wrong’ or not a good thing? If Obama’s speeches and his presidency will feel like some sort of fantasy or some kind of a dream where most things went well and according to plan…well, I know who else had a dream.


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Another pointless McCain attack ad.

I hate to rush these things, but I have a decent-sized lineup ahead of me (it is the weekend, after all).

John McCain is at it again with another anti-Obama ad which references the Illinois senator as a ‘celebrity.’

I’ve written about McCain’s last “celebrity” ad here, but I guess those ad writers are at it again.

From CNN:

“John McCain’s campaign released another ad Friday that paints Barack Obama as an out-of-touch celebrity. Life in the spotlight must be grand, but for the rest of us times are tough,” says the announcer, as flashbulbs pop around Obama, crowds cheer, and magazine covers bearing his portrait flash on-screen…Not ready to lead. That’s the real Obama.”

I also ran into some really odd, almost creepy “conservative, family-values oriented” web sites that I’ve got a thing or two to speak about, but I’ll keep that for another post.

Have a great weekend, all!

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corporate yuppification

Another old piece of mine. Written, ironically enough, at a coffee shop.


keep complaining you hate big business
you miss mom and pop stores
and you loathe corporate suits with their
designer labels
with their trophy wives nicer
than you’d get when your
“overbearing, hard working, blue-collar”
father had you playing Little League
keep telling the world and yourself
you’re against globalization
you’re against The Man
you’re not just anti-Republican
you’re anti-republic
but that’s all bullshit
you’ll never come clean
so keep walking around in your
Keds shoes with an
Abercrombie t-shirt with a pair of
Gap jeans
Keep drinking your daily dose of
Starfucks with your
iPod on your belt
get back in your Volkswagen you damned
closet Yuppie
if you want change
work for it
if you get a chance
take it
let’s be honest
you don’t care
you’re apathetic
powerless in your own skin
so you say
let’s not talk, we’ll
Just Do It.

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